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Islamic Center of Hawthorne Youth Program

To foster and enrich the spiritual, social, and religious development of young Muslims by providing supplemental Islamic education and engaging in community service, charity and recreational experiences 

Purpose-Driven Programming: Each activity and/or special event the ICH will continue to do the following: 

  • Strengthen Islamic Community Image and Sense of Place 
  • Promote Environmental Stewardship 
  • Strengthen Safety and Security 
  • Provide Recreation Experience 
  • Promote Health and Wellness 
  • Promote Community Services 
  • Foster Spiritual & Human Development 
  • Increase Cultural Unity 
  • Promote Charity 

The Islamic Center of Hawthorne (ICH) currently has two adjacent facilities. The first located at 12209 Hawthorne Way and was acquired in 1994 and houses the prayer hall, the ICH administration offices, the Youth Activity room, the Islamic Weekend and Summer School Office, and other multi-purpose classrooms. The second facility is used for the full-time school. There are two basketball courts, a volleyball field and many other games. 


  • Qiyams (spiritual development)
  • Health and fitness 
  • Beach breakfast trips 
  • Islamic art program 
  • Mu’akha Banquet 
  • Super bowl party 
  • Youth Camps (summer, spring, winter) 
  • Holiday Parade 
  • Go-kart racing 
  • Lakers games 
  • Bowling & Skating trips 
  • Movie nights 
  • Health fair 
  • Snow trip 
  • Paintball 
  • And many more to come… 

Have cool other ideas? Tell us… 

Programs are designed for the following ages: 

  • Boys ages 7 to 11 
  • Boy ages 11 to 14 
  • Boy ages 15 to19 
  • Girls ages 7 to 11 
  • Girls ages 11 to 14 
  • Girls ages 15 to 19 

The ICH program strives to strengthen the Islamic community and sense of place through field trips, guest speakers, arts and crafts, sports, movies, self defense, cooking, prayers, educational and civic events. Some activities are open to both genders and others are separated. 

Some activities may require a minimal donation, to help cover the cost
Friday Program is held every Friday night
(Actual time depends on season.)

Participants’ must: 

  • Arrive on time 
  • Have a release form on file 
  • The ICH promotes health and wellness by providing a snack in the beginning of the program. 

To Download the ICH YOUTH BROCHURE CLICK HERE To register for ICH YOUTH PROGRAM Download the application form here

For more information call: 310 973-8000
Visit us online at, or

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